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30,73 EUR*
Details Der Manchurian Kandidat [HD DVD]

DER MANCHURIAN KANDIDAT/ V?: 27.09.07/ Genre: Action/ Ausgabeformat: 1080p/ Aufnahmeformat: 1.85:1/ Länge: 02:21:00/ FSK: 12

8,99 EUR*
Details Flatliners [Blu-ray]

FLATLINERS/ V?: bereits erschienen/ Genre: Horror/ Ausgabeformat: 1920 x 1080p/ Aufnahmeformat: 2.35:1/ Länge: 01:50:00/ FSK: 16

8,97 EUR*
Details Norbit [Blu-ray]

NORBIT/ V?: bereits erschienen/ Genre: Komödie/ Ausgabeformat: 1080p/ Aufnahmeformat: 1.85:1/ Länge: 01:37:00/ FSK: 12

26,18 EUR*
Details Die 3 Tage des Condor [HD DVD]

DIE 3 TAGE DES CONDOR/ V?: bereits erschienen/ Genre: Thriller/ Ausgabeformat: 1080p/ Aufnahmeformat: 2.35:1/ Länge: 01:57:00/ FSK: 16

6,99 EUR*
Details Toto - Live in Amsterdam [Blu-ray]

TOTO-LIVE IN AMSTERDAM/ V?: bereits erschienen/ Genre: Musik/ Ausgabeformat: 16:9/ Aufnahmeformat: 1.78:1/ Länge: 02:13:00/ FSK: ohne Altersbeschränkung

18,49 EUR*
Details World Trade Center [Blu-ray] [Special Edition]

WORLD TRADE CENTER/ V?: bereits erschienen/ Genre: Drama/ Ausgabeformat: 1080p/ Aufnahmeformat: 1.85:1/ Länge: 02:04:00/ FSK: 12

14,01 EUR*
Details Pat Metheny Group - The Way Up/Live [HD DVD]

PAT METHENY GROUP-THE WAY UP-LIVE/ V?: bereits erschienen/ Genre: Musik/ Ausgabeformat: 16:9/ Aufnahmeformat: 1.78:1/ Länge: 01:31:00/ FSK: ohne Altersbeschränkung

10,61 EUR*
Details Elvis Costello & The Imposters - Club Date/Live in Memphis [Blu-ray]

ELVIS COSTELLO-CLUB DATE/ V?: bereits erschienen/ Genre: Musik/ Ausgabeformat: 1920 x 1080p/ Aufnahmeformat: 1.78:1/ FSK: ohne Altersbeschränkung

49,00 EUR*
Details Classifiers: A Typology of Noun Categorization Devices (Oxford Studies in Typology and Linguistic Theory) (Oxford Studies in Typology and Linguistic Theory (Paperback))

Almost all languages have some ways of categorizing nouns. Languages of South-East Asia have classifiers used with numerals, while most Indo-European languages have two or three genders. They can have a similar meaning and one can develop from the ...

76,11 EUR*
Details The Grammar of Knowledge: A Cross-Linguistic Typology (Explorations in Linguistic Typology)

The Grammar of Knowledge offers both a linguistic and anthropological perspective on the expression of information sources, as well as inferences, assumptions, probability and possibility, and gradations of doubt and beliefs in a range of languages ...

76,95 EUR*
Details Indicators of Typology within the Old Testament: The Exodus Motif (Friedensauer Schriftenreihe)

This study seeks to ascertain whether there are indicators of typology within the Old Testament. Various elements that comprise biblical typology such as the historical aspect, divine design, prophetic aspect, 'Steigerung' (intensification), and ...

54,71 EUR*
Details Typology 1979

Text by Ulf Erdmann Ziegler in English / German. 35 colour plates . 4to 104 Rilegato (hardback) Copertina in similpelle Ottimo (Fine)

52,00 EUR*
Details Biscriptality: A sociolinguistic typology (Akademiekonferenzen)

Serbs write their language in Cyrillic or Latin letters in seemingly random distribution. Hindi-Urdu is written in Nagari by Hindus and in the Arabic script by Muslims. In medieval Scandinavia the Latin alphabet, ink and parchment were used for texts ...

43,00 EUR*
Details Serial Verb Constructions: A Cross-Linguistic Typology

This volume of new work explores the forms and functions of serial verbs. The introduction sets out the cross-linguistic parameters of variation, and the final chapter draws out a set of conclusions. These frame fourteen explorations of serial verb ...

159,95 EUR*
Details Dialectology meets Typology: Dialect Grammar from a Cross-Linguistic Perspective (Trends in Linguistics. Studies and Monographs [TiLSM], Band 153)

2004 graph. Darst. Mundart; Kontrastive Grammatik; Aufsatzsammlung Gewebe 24 cm Berlin; New York VI, 541 S. [Belletristik Krimis Modernes Gebrauchtes ]

52,95 EUR*
Details Typology of Kinship Terms (Donezk Studien zur Germanistik, kontrastiven und diachronen Linguistik)

A kinship term is defined as a lexical item which is used to name a person who is connected by certain blood relations with other persons or a group of persons. Kinship term systems were first studied scientifically in the latter half of the 19th ...

47,59 EUR*
Details Tarot and Other Meditation Decks: History, Theory, Aesthetics, Typology: History, Theory and Aesthetics

Modern Tarot and Other Meditation Decks Hundreds of new Tarot decks have been produced in the late twentieth century, many of them based on the structure and images of Arthur Waite and artist Pamela Smiths Rider-Waite deck (1910). The continuing ...

130,96 EUR*
Details African Languages: An Introduction

This book is an introduction to African languages and linguistics, covering typology, structure and sociolinguistics. The twelve chapters are written by a team of fifteen eminent Africanists, and their topics include the four major language groupings ...

50,00 EUR*
Details The Diversity Of Modern Capitalism

This book considers why institutional forms of modern capitalist economies differ internationally, and proposes a typology of capitalism based on the theory of institutional complementarity. Different economic models are not simply characterized by ...